Spiritual-Wisdom-for-Your-MindCan you make the distinction between your spiritual and your physical minds? Our physical mind is always self centered. It doubts, observes externally and criticizes. It brings confusion, anxiety and fear, while our spiritual mind is never confused and never worries. Physical mind can never feel God and the spirit world, while our spiritual mind is constantly connected with them. Liberate your Spiritual Mind, that’s your only way to God.

I will give you few simple hints. Our spiritual mind never doubts; it is never nervous, confused or self-centered. But our physical mind is created to care for the self preservation, so it leads us to be self centered. It observes externally without sensing the heart and motivation of the people around. So it often leads to misinterpretations and fear. That fear can easily trigger antagonism and criticism.

Now you can understand why physical mind became the origin of all disbelieve, materialism, gossiping, negativity, struggles and wars.

Depression and illness are also result of the physical mind reversal of dominion over our spirit. Not having the sense to God, it only brings confusion, anxiety and fear, which brings us into more problems, stress and sicknesses.

Physical Mind Always Reverses God’s Principles

First it is important to learn to distinguish between the spiritual mind and the physical mind.
Most of the thinking people do is from the physical mind, so it naturally leads them to humanism: Reversal of all God’s principles. Same like Physical mind reverses dominion over spiritual mind, it will lead them to put object over subject, horizontal over vertical, external and material things over internal and spiritual…
So the more people were thinking how to solve things, the more they developed the Humanistic (Cain-type) philosophy in the history, But to solve problems you have to stop thinking with your brain, relax and liberate yourself from all these external problems.

How to Put Your Spiritual Mind Subject

Once you relax your physical mind, your spiritual mind can become subject in this state you can easily visualize. Once you achieve it you will realize how sharp, awake and precise your mind is this is your spiritual mind this is your true self it is always connected to God.

Your Spirit Mind Automatically Tunes to God’s Will

Quetion: Sometimes when I’m praying about something very serious or that I’m concerned about I feel that God let’s me see exactly his viewpoint on that problem. Sometime I pray about a person (once i was praying for someone on the cosmic level and two days later there was news about her on the TV). But still I never thought about it in the way you are explaining right now…

Spirit mind works based on images

Spirit mind works based on images. Each word immediately creates spiritual image and the heart automatically responds sensing if the word had good or bad energy. Thus spirit mind automatically separates good from evil. I sense the spiritual energy behind each word or expression, thus when I write my articles automatically create common base and open the original mind of the people who read. This is the reason my internet spiritual children start having the spiritual sense of being liberated, elevated and suddenly loving all people and all things more than before, because the words elevate their spiritual minds. In this way the word brings them resurrection.
I’m always sensitive to the spiritual powers around. Negative articles about us use a lot of negative words. They open the evil mind of the reader and he gets obsessed by evil spiritual world. In this state even a good person’s heart gets full of fear, anger and hate. But I take these articles and change the negative words with once that are spiritually bright and carry good bright emotions. Than it becomes a channel for the good spirit world to fill their hearts instead.

Physical Mind Leads to Humanism

Our spiritual mind never searches for joy in a selfish way and without God. But our physical mind (the brain) is not created to be able to connect to God, so it cannot understand joy with God even if it kills itself trying. Physical mind is created to care for self survival (the individual goal) so automatically it worries about everything and mislead us to be self-centered even when thinking to live for God. But the thing is, physical mind is not created to be the Subject. So it’s the spiritual mind’s weakness and immaturity that allows physical mind to lead us. The wickeder ones spiritual mind the more external and humanistic is the person. No matter how good from humanistic perspective he is, he will always be a channel for evil spiritual world, he will always be mislead by his physical mind to reverse dominion on many levels, because he will never be able to see and follow God’s viewpoint when led by his physical mind.