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Here, I’d like to take a look at the physical and spiritual bodies, as described by Sri Ramakrishna. Like most of us probably know, the physical body isn’t the only one we possess by far, and within it lives the spiritual body, which never dies.

When our time in the physical body ends, we’ll depart it with the spiritual body intact and explore the next, higher state of consciousness that waits for us.

Some spiritual teachers, like Ramakrishna, encourage us to transcend our attachment to the physical body (and the material realm in general), but I think we can love, support and nourish it despite that it’s impermanent.

A lot of teachers have encouraged us to completely transcend our attachment to the physical realm, but even though we’re collectively evolving into a higher state of consciousness that’s free of the physical features we’ve grown used to, I think we can still love our reality and our physical body.

I think we should treat our bodies with love and respect, and just because they won’t follow us into the higher realms doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of attention and nurturance.

I try to exercise every day and eat foods that support my body, for example, and I think that with dedicated inner work, we can merge the physical and spiritual; bring our spiritual body into the physical and have it take the physical body’s place.

Some people don’t believe we’ll take our bodies with us into the higher realms or merge the physical and spiritual, but whether or not we ultimately do, I’ll still exercise and do everything else that supports and nurtures my body because I think it’s important and worthy of attention.